Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Art Star: Takashi Murakami

b. 1962, Tokyo

Dubbed the "Andy Warhol of Japan" and founder of the SUPERFLAT postmodern art movement, Takashi Murakami’s work reveals the paradoxes inherent in our flat world as well as the inherent delights and perils including the infatuation with consumerism, stardom and virtual worlds has the potential to undermine one’s sense of reality and connection with human beings.

One of the most internationally acclaimed artists to emerge from Asia in the postwar era, Takashi Murakami effortlessly navigates between the worlds of fine art and popular culture. His work disempowers hierarchies by rejecting what society dictates as high or low in art and design.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles recently held a retrospective of Murakami's work--click here

"Superflat" is used by Murakami to refer to various flattened forms 
in Japanese graphic art, animation, pop culture and fine arts, 
as well as the "shallow emptiness of Japanese consumer culture."


Mr. Pointy
The enchanting 23-foot-tall space-alien, 18-armed Buddha 
on a lotus throne surrounded by four guardians

Outside of the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Workers assemble Mr. Pointy, a large-scale sculpture 
by Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Read the New York Times article by Roberta Smith (Brooklyn Art Museum Exhibit)


Kanye West

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami
"Multi-color Spring Palette" in Omotesandō store, Tokyo (below)

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami
Murakami does Louis Vuitton NYC

"First Love" 
by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton


"Jellyfish Eyes" 

Kz livetune’s Last Night, Good Night 
Theme song for Takashi Murakami’s Jellyfish Eyes (Mememe no kurage).

EGO, 2012  

See more work from this exhibition

Takashi Murakami is represented by: Gagosian Gallery

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