Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The Royal Art Lodge. The name itself conjures images of secret ritual practices, exclusive membership, brave stands taken against the elements. But this is not your father's lodge, nor even your father's art lodge. A collaborative of eight young, wildly inventive, modestly self-effacing Canadian artists--

Marcel Dzama

Neil Farber

Drue Langlois

Myles Langlois

Jonathan Pylypchuk

Adrian Williams

   The Royal Art Lodge enjoys a far-ranging and free-wheeling practice, producing everything from works on paper to filmvideomusical performances, and puppets, with drawing, that most personal and immediate of art forms, providing the link between the various products of their whimsey.

The Royal Art Lodge Studio

Text reads: "amplified yelps: 200 watts."

Text reads "EAT THE BUNNY; Lucky Number=5"

Text reads: "ALONE"

First Wednesdays

Marcel Dzama, a hero of The Royal Art Lodge, discusses his 
own personal direction and projects he is working on in New York with MOCA

In conjunction with the Tate Museum
Marcel Dzama interview

Animation/Video/Music Video
The Infidels
By Marcel Dzama

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